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Q&A - Pueraria mirifica herb

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How To Take Pueraria mirifica?

Pueraria mirifica herbs are recommended by many experts to be taken as dietary supplement because of many benefits to women body system. In many studies for the purpose to enlarge breasts size, it is recommended up to 800mg per day (Pueraria mirifica alone*).

During menstrual cycle, some who experience Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)** may reduce dose or stop during this time. Then after, start again.

Some tips: Herbs will give the most effect when taken during empty stomach and follow with a lot of water or honey to help distribute the herbs in our body. But if you experience nausea feeling, you can take after food immediately. Food do not interfere Pueraria mirifica herbs effects.

The effects of Pueraria mirifica herb will be even more enhanced if you have calcium or milk everyday (any time during a day, no need to be the same time with the herbs).

* One capsule of our Pueraria mirifica formula contains total of 400 mg herbs which is 200 ++mg of pure Pueraria mirifica and plus 100 mg of other female herbs which all work in synergy to enhance the effects of Pueraria mirifica and with no cause side effects. We produce our herbal formula according to the Knowledge of Ancient Thai Medicinal Herbs Heritage and Modern science technology.

** A woman's response to her own cyclical hormones is extremely individual, and that it is very difficult to pin down the causes of PMS.

How long will I get the results?

Within the first month you should see some improvement like tightening at breasts, breats enlarge, more feminine shape, skin starts to be soft and shine, sleep better etc. Responses are varied from person to person. Some responses fast, some slow. From studies the maximum peak to see the results is 3 months. So please be patient to see natural effects.

Can menopause women get back their Menses with Pueraria mirifica herbs

From customers feedback, many gain their period back. New period flush is good to wash out all bad residue in uterus. Hot flash, vaginal dryness are reduced significantly. Smoother skin and good sleeping back.

Can I take Pueraria mirifica pillsĀ as Contraceptive pills?

Yes, you can take Pueraria mirifica during family planning but you cannot assume pueraria mirifica pills as your contraceptive pills because Pueraria mirifica herb has its miroestrol which its properties and structure are similar to estrogen female hormone, it has very mild contraceptive agent. If you are taking Noriday pill or Yasmin, pls reduce the intake of pueraria to 1 pill per day.

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